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Land and Land Registration Now online .. How to prepare your documents yourself What's the problem with this?

There have been changes in the property registration process in Andhra Pradesh. The government says it can "prepare your documents yourself".

If the home documents are prepared and the online slot is booked at the earliest possible time, the new policy will be implemented to complete the registration within half an hour.

But there are also some issues involved in the registrations, according to the officials of the concerned department, which will resolve them gradually and make it more convenient.

A major change with the CARD system.

In the registrar's office, expenditure was once entirely on paper. It is much easier to write and register a deed.
But in 1999, the government implemented the CARD (Computer Aided Administration of Registration Department) policy. The registrations have been computerized under the name of Computer based Registration Department. This process was made easier and faster.
This policy had been to prevent illegal registration is also a former head of the Department of Stamps and rijistresans K. VENKATESHWARA Rao said.
With the BBC, "the cost of registration was very large until 1999. Registrations were low. Surveying the survey numbers and everything else, the opportunity is very good. ”

How to prepare the deed

Arrangements have been made in the website of the Government Registration Department of Andhra Pradesh. If you sign in at, you can complete the process in six decades.
  1. The details of those who are registered should be provided.
  2. The property schedule must be updated.
  3. The stamp duty required for registration must be paid. Cash can be paid online
  4. Those who are registering must be informed of the terms and conditions of their acceptance.
  5. Document must be obtained by the computer. It can be printed on the usual paper first, then on the stamp paper after correction.
  6. Select the time for registration and book the slot online
Officers say that when they go to registration later, they can complete the verification and complete the process directly in the office without having to wait.

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